Monday, August 11, 2014

The Decision to Homeschool

I have been teaching off and on since I graduated college with my B.A. in English and B.S. in Journalism in 2004. I have worked as a nanny, an English teacher in Japan, and an early childhood educator. I have been a restless worker, seeking to push myself and find new, exciting opportunities.

I always thought I'd be a "working mom" because I grew up around working moms and that's just what women in my life chose (or had) to do. I stayed home with my oldest sprout for about 6 months before I started graduate school, and I went on to earn my M.Ed. in Elementary Education (as well as Pennsylvania teaching licenses for both Elementary and Early Childhood Education). By the time I graduated, I had two young children, and no plans to slow down.

I was a substitute teacher for awhile, but the job market crashed and I found out that a third little one was on the way. I stayed home for two years working as an educational consultant, which is when I had the good fortune to find out about Teachers Pay Teachers. I worked full-time in a combined first-second grade classroom while my oldest was in kindergarten. I loved the students, I loved the planning, and I loved the classroom.

BUT it really just did not work for the rest of my family. This year, I am excited to say, we are taking the leap into a "home education program," and my children are beyond thrilled. I am excited to be working from home as a consultant and teaching my little ones. I have no doubt that it will be crazy at times, but I also have no doubt that it will have lots of rewards as well.

For my own sanity enjoyment, I hope to chronicle some of this homeschooling journey and my teacher-created materials here on the blog. Thanks for joining me-- I look forward to hearing from you!

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