Our Story

I am the mama of three little sprouts who constantly challenge and amaze me. I try hard to follow a gentle approach to parenting by setting firm but fair guidelines, helping my children process their big emotions, and focusing on the positives. I am far from perfect, and our family is far from perfect, but we love growing and learning together every day!

I am also a Pennsylvania-certified Elementary and Early Childhood Educator with a Masters of Education in Elementary Education. I also have formal education in journalism and photography. I look forward to using my blog as way to bring these skills together in one place and providing a service to others at the same time.

I started Golden Delicious Education as a way to continue creating and sharing educational materials with teachers of all sorts while I am a work-from-home mama. This year, I will be home schooling my First Sprout for second grade and my Second Sprout for kindergarten. I think Third Sprout will also be ready for lots more learning this year as well.

I sincerely hope that this blog is both helpful and fun for others. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will let you know that I do have a Teachers Pay Teachers store that I use to sell many of the educational materials I create. Please know that I use my money from these sales to help support our home schooling adventure (I don't make enough to support much more!).

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Learning!

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