Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rainy Day Painting Play

We have had two days in a row of off-and-on rainy weather. It's too wet to play in the backyard, and the forecast is too questionable for taking walks. I should probably be more into the idea of gearing everyone up in their rain boots to go puddle jumping, but I am just not there today. Instead, I figured we could spend some energy on creative pursuits. Out came the dropcloth, messy shirts, and brushes for some rainy day painting play.

Gathering our supplies. I am not great with messes (although I am getting better) so I tend to cover all the things when we are painting. I love this reusable tablecloth that can just be wiped down when we are through.

I found this old muffin-tin things thrifting, and they make stellar palettes for the kids. I love the nice sturdy base with just enough weight to prevent tipping. I also love the space in the middle with potential for color mixing!

First sprout has recently discovered Pokemon, so that has been a big focus for her paintings and drawings lately.

Mama likes to join in the fun too. I decided to start painting a color wheel. Maybe I will add some detail in marker later and hang it in our "classroom"? I love making my own learning materials, and sometimes the hand-made ones are even cooler than the digitally-created ones.

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