Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Field Trip

Over the holiday weekend, we had family in town visiting all the way from Florida. Since they also home school a first grader, we thought it might be fun to take a little field trip together. The weather wasn't super cooperative for outdoor exploration, so we headed to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie. We were lucky enough to get a tour of their aquatics lab, climb the observation tower, and play in their kid-friendly exploration station.

The kids' exploration room has a great selection of puzzle, puppets, science kits, and
building materials for the kids to enjoy. All three sprouts and their cousin
stayed engaged for a solid half hour!
Tracking the animals prints is always a fun activity.
The kids loved these super cool blocks made from sanded-down trees. There were short discs,
rectangular boards, and lots of jointed branches. It was a really neat way to explore organic patterns and
a fun sensory experience.
I loved this art and poetry installation along the stairwell for the observation tower. 
I think the quote says it all.
I hope that you all had a fun holiday weekend as well. Happy Learning!

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