Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Holiday Wish List For Us All

Body Love

May we stop criticizing how we look (especially in front of children). There are so many ways to be beautiful and so many ways to be healthy. Let's quit the body shaming and show love for all levels of ability and sizes and types of bodies.

Hard Emotions 

May we all have a friendly ear and a shoulder to cry on for those hard days, so that we can in turn be that friendly ear or that warm shoulder. Feeling anger, sadness, and frustration do not make you a bad person. Let's all be a little more gentle with ourselves and each other.


May we all give and receive respect. Sometimes it's hard to respect someone when we may not agree with or understand their choices. We all make mistakes. But we are all human, and we all deserve basic human dignity and access to safe, clean, loving spaces to exist.


May we all have the courage to ask hard questions and stand up to defend others. Maybe you choose to share links on social media or maybe you join in with a protest or maybe you write to your local congress person. Maybe you just do the best you can to make it through each day with the challenges you face. Courage has many forms.


May we all have the opportunity to exercise empathy every day. Take a few moments and put yourself in someone else's position-- with compassion rather than judgement. Read stories from the first person point of view, seeking authors who have different lives and perspectives than yours. It's hard to find narratives from people of color or people who practice non- Judeo Christian religions or people of different body sizes or ability levels, but it's worth it.

Happy Holidays (whatever you may choose to celebrate) from our family to yours!

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