Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Colors of the Rainbow

Since the sprouts were so excited to help set up our learning space, I wanted to be sure that our learning tools and displays reflected their hard work as well. To do that, we have been working together on a series of color posters to hang in our "classroom."

I started off with simple, cardstock posters that have the color words in English and Spanish. Then we used a collection of magazines to find the colors we needed, cut out the pictures, and pasted them onto the posters. It worked out that we were able to complete two posters a day, as First Sprout and Second Sprout each worked on one poster per day.

The skills that we practiced in this project met the educational needs of both sprouts. Second Sprout, who is preschool age, got some much-needed practice with cutting and pasting. It was also very easy to observe that she knew her colors based on conversations she had about various shades and whether or not they really "counted" as a particular color. First Sprout, who would be a first grader, read the words (in both languages) and now has a great tool to help her with writing color words this year. Truth be told, the fine-motor practice with cutting and pasting probably really helped her too!

After we finished cutting, pasting, and coloring the words, I trimmed the edges off of the cardstock and mounted each poster on the appropriate color background. Then I laminated the posters and hung them up on the wall. The sprouts LOVE showing off their color collages, and they are looking forward to using them for school.

 I have made the color posters available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store for anyone who is interested. Otherwise, here are some photos of the sprouts at work and our final display...

Searching for colors and cutting the pictures.

Pasting our pictures onto the color poster.

More pasting. Glue sticks are so lovely for this sort of thing.

Here are all of our color posters hanging on the wall. It really brightens up the room!

Happy Learning!